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As the release of Shutter #4 looms eagerly around the corner (July 9th) I’d like to take a moment to tell you why pre-ording single issues of SHUTTER is well worth it. Keep in mind, NONE of these elements will be in the collected trade paper backs, so once the single issues are gone, you wont…

There are tons of reasons to pick up Shutter. Pre-order this series to get the full meal deal. Also, Tiger Lawyer!


If you’re looking for something seriously crazy-cool to stick your nose in today, put that cocaine down and pick up a comic book!

Might I suggest to you SHUTTER #3 (Image) from Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca? It’s really friggin’ phenomenal and a whole lot of fun.

BONUS: There’s a new TIGER LAWYER one-pager, this time with art from Travis Sengaus and colors from Marissa Louise. And it’s entirely in Spanish.


Check it out! Robot 6 drops some pretty cool details on the TIGER LAWYER one-page comics appearing in Joe Keatinge’s & Leila Del Duca’s SHUTTER (which, is incredible, and you need to read it). This great article also reveals some exclusive details on the upcoming TIGER LAWYER #4

But that’s not all, there’s some actual, real-life, new artwork by Vic Malhatora from the double-sized issue. TIGER #4 is easily the best, biggest issue yet.

Big thanks to John @ Robot 6 for the support, and to Joe and Leila for the opportunity to be included in such a great book.



SHUTTER #1 is finally ALMOST here!

This Wednesday, April 9th is the big day. Been amped about this for a while.

And here’s a preview of all four covers (by Leila del Duca, Emma Ríos, Dustin Weaver & Brandon Graham) and the preview that’s going around websites right now. I’ve added the last spread of the title sequence as it seemed weird to cut off there, so consider this a TUMBLR EXCLUSIVE. 

It’s $3.50. Features 21 pages of a lead feature. Two pages of what will eventually be a letters column, but is just Leila and me talking for right now. Four pages of comics by Ryan Alexander-Tanner & Catherine Peach. One page of our regular Tiger Lawyer comic by writer Ryan Ferrier & a rotating series of artists. One ad because I really love Michel Fiffe’s Copra. Then a back cover with ANOTHER Leila del Duca & Owen Gieni image, credits, etc. 

Here’s Leila & me talking about it with Comic Book Resources. Here’s me talking about it with Lindsey Morris of Girls Gone Geek. Here’s Leila talking about it with Multiversity.

If you live in Portland, Oregon you can hang out with me on Wednesday at Cosmic Monkey. If you live in Missoula, Montana, you can hang out with Leila on Wednesday at Muse Comics. If you live in Southern California you can hang out with BOTH of us on Friday at Beach Ball Comics

And finally, here are some thoughts on Shutter from other people who make comic books:

"SHUTTER is bold, smart fun — a stunning book on every front. Keatinge and del Duca have crafted something special — at once intimate and epic."
- Scott Snyder (Batman, The Wake, Wytches)
"Joyous and Heartfelt science-fiction pop with all the capital-R Romance of  the last roll of polaroid film on Earth."
- Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers, The Wicked + The Divine)

Please do spread the word! And have a good week!

Joe and Leila have created something seriously, seriously awesome in SHUTTER. You must check it out. Pre-order it. Add it to your list. Devour it. It’s going to be a wild ride, and it begins this Wednesday.

Would also like to thank Joe and Leila profusely for letting us include Tiger Lawyer one-pagers in the back. This is incredibly cool, and I’m ever so grateful. We won’t disappoint.


Abnormal Interviews

Tiger Fiends:

Ryan here. Recently did an interview with a blog for a real-life actual law firm, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A. How cool is that?

Many thanks to Jim for taking the time to talk about Tiger Lawyer, and for the constant support.

Also of note, I drop a little info on what exactly is next for our furred friend. Hint: It’s Tiger Lawyer #4, with two new stories from Matt McCray, Vic Malhotra, and me.

Read the interview here.


We’re only a couple of weeks away from the release of Tiger Lawyer #3, and do we have a real doozy of an issue on our hands. Our best issue yet.

Tiger Lawyer #3 once again features two original stories, this time longer than ever, in a super-cool flip-book style.

“Grampappy Lawyer, Will You Please Tell Me the Story of the Shaved Goat Again”
Story by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Matt McCray
Cover by Evan Shaner

“Tiger Lawyer Must Die”
Story by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Vic Malhotra
Colors by Adam Metcalfe
Cover by Michael Walsh

This book will be available to buy in print and digital through Challenger Comics on April 26th!


Ok, last one before more comics. 

Tiger Lawyer. I wanted to do a ‘pulpy’ type crime noir style. So, I started with the femme fatale and TL … It seemed ok, and added some colour. Nothing was grabbing me except for the tiger print leggings and boots. But nothing dynamic. 

I changed gears and went somewhere funny. While it’s funny, I wanted something more substantial.

I did a rough with some shading. It was originally not tilted, but it seemed “basic” , so just like in comics, do a little rotation and you get some dynamics. That’s a tip: add rotation and see what happens. There’s the flat version, and then the first image being the final.

Bonus: here’s me inking 

Tiger Lawyer #2 Now Available On ComiXology!

Hey everyone,

In case you missed the big hubbub on the internet today, ComiXology has officially launched its ComiXology Submit self-publishing portal. Check that out here, and if you’re an indie creator like myself, this is big news for expanding your readership and getting your work out there.

I am very proud to have been part of the beta launch for ComiXology Submit, which saw Tiger Lawyer #1 available through the app, and as of today, the second issue is now available also.

Check out Tiger Lawyer #2, as well as a real butt-ton of great indie titles, right here.

Also, how cool is it to see Challenger Comics right there in ComiXology?


HELL YEAH Returns!

Hey Tiger Fiends!

Exciting day today, as Hell Yeah returns with issue #6. Comic-crafting masters Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz bring the yeah in a big way with this new arc to their story.

But that’s not all! There’s a new Tiger Lawyer one-pager in there, this time from Comeback artist Michael Walsh. Wanna see how Tiger came to be? Then buy this issue tout suite.

Many, many thanks to Joe and Andre for letting Tiger join the party.

Check out iFanboy’s preview here, if you’d like.