Tiger Lawyer!

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Check it out! Robot 6 drops some pretty cool details on the TIGER LAWYER one-page comics appearing in Joe Keatinge’s & Leila Del Duca’s SHUTTER (which, is incredible, and you need to read it). This great article also reveals some exclusive details on the upcoming TIGER LAWYER #4

But that’s not all, there’s some actual, real-life, new artwork by Vic Malhatora from the double-sized issue. TIGER #4 is easily the best, biggest issue yet.

Big thanks to John @ Robot 6 for the support, and to Joe and Leila for the opportunity to be included in such a great book.

HELL YEAH Returns!

Hey Tiger Fiends!

Exciting day today, as Hell Yeah returns with issue #6. Comic-crafting masters Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz bring the yeah in a big way with this new arc to their story.

But that’s not all! There’s a new Tiger Lawyer one-pager in there, this time from Comeback artist Michael Walsh. Wanna see how Tiger came to be? Then buy this issue tout suite.

Many, many thanks to Joe and Andre for letting Tiger join the party.

Check out iFanboy’s preview here, if you’d like.


Aww yeah, the time is now! Head on over to the online store (or click the fancy ad above) to get a copy of Tiger Lawyer #2! Digital copies will begin downloading instantly; print copies ordered will begin shipping July 16th.

Don’t forget to visit your local comic shop and pick up a copy of Hell Yeah #4 from Joe Keatinge, Andre Szymanowicz, and Image Comics. This marks the debut of Tiger Lawyer as a back-up, along with the incredible Baby Girl. We’re beyond proud and honored to be included in such a rad comic. 

Thanks so much, and we hope you enjoy.

- Ryan

Updates! New Perks Added To IndieGoGo!

Greetings, Tiger Fiends. Ryan here.

Pages are coming in for Tiger Lawyer #2, and they are blowing my face off. Seriously. This issue is a rare sequel-being-better-than-the-first issue. This is the Empire Strikes Back of anthropomorphic animal lawyer comics.

In other news, we’re almost half-way to our goal on IndieGoGo, and now with 26 days left. Amazing. We can’t thank everyone who’s donated and spread the word enough. Thank you. We did just add two new perks to the campaign, in the form of signed copies of either HELL YEAH #4 (featuring the debut of the Tiger Lawyer back-up stories) or GLORY #27 from Joe Keatinge and Image comics. Check them out at the campaign headquarters here.

As always, the Tiger Lawyer online store is open for business. Still copies of Tiger Lawyer #1 available, so check it out if you’d like. If you’ve ordered a copy already and have not received your parcel yet, don’t fret; it will be there within a week. Getting caught up on orders was a task fit for more than one man, but we appreciate everyone’s patience. Lots of extras and goodies went into each envelope, and we’re now totally caught up.

More updates soon!

- Ryan